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Bringing families/whānau and iwi in through adult learning opportunities

Te Mana Kōrero 3

  • What sorts of extended learning opportunities do schools offer family/whānau and iwi members? Why do you think they do this? What would be the benefits of doing this?

[Note how Hiruharama School encourages family/whānau and iwi members to come into the school by offering adults extended learning in ICT/computer use. Family/whānau and iwi members work with the students and comment on how it extends their knowledge and skills and keeps them in contact with the knowledge and skills that their tamariki are acquiring.

Note also the example, at Hiruharama School, where family/whānau and iwi members find out how students learn through observing (listening to) their interactions with teachers at the PPP (panuipukapuka, pjs and purini) evenings. A parent comments, “To me, it’s a way into my daughter’s education. I see the strategies the teachers use to teach … We can use them at home … It keeps us involved … The kids tell us what they are doing.”]

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