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Going into the community as well as inviting the community into the school

Te Mana Kōrero 3

  • What instances are there of a school going into the community as well as expecting the community to come into the school? Why do you think this is important? What are the benefits of doing this?

[Note the example of students at Hiruharama School participating in the school-community meals-on-wheels venture. The principal says, “It’s not a school in here and a community out there. I’d like to think it’s a very fluid arrangement.”. He points out that this has several advantages for both students and their family/whānau and iwi.

  • It provides a social service for nannies and papas in the community and gives them an entrée into the school environment (participating in school feasts each term).
  • It enables students to develop both mathematical/logistic skills (arranging the meals) and social studies skills (delivering the meals).]

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