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Exploring the resources

Exploring the resources to learn more about building, maintaining, and using culturally responsive and mutually respectful school-family-whānau-iwi partnerships.

There are various examples in the resources of schools building and using strong and meaningful partnerships with families/whānau and iwi and working closely with community expertise. Such partnerships are especially well illustrated in Te Mana Kōrero 3 and the Taihape Area School Case Study.

School leaders and teachers can identify examples of these partnerships, explore what they look like in action, consider what school leaders and teachers have done to form and maintain them, and analyse how forming, maintaining, and using such partnerships might enhance student engagement and achievement. This will be a way of inquiring into the nature of the partnerships they have with their families/whānau and iwi.

To help the facilitator, some of the information and ideas that the group could identify and/or discuss when exploring the questions are suggested in the following sections.

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