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Iwi and whānau engagement:Taihape Area School

In this clip, we see an example of iwi and whānau being involved at Taihape Area School, with obvious benefits in terms of Māori students being engaged in their learning, and achieving. This approach aligns with Ka Hikitia, the Ministry’s Māori Education Strategy. It highlights the correlation between Māori parents’ involvement in their children's learning and student achievement.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. How could we work better with Māori whānau, in a genuine partnership, to enhance the learning of their children, enabling them to reach their potential?
  2. What opportunities can we create to share assessment information with students and whānau?
  3. How can we show Māori parents that they are important, as equal partners, in the education of their children?
  4. What can we do to foster a relationship that is sustainable?
  5. How can we give effect to the intent of the New Zealand Curriculum, in developing a school curriculum that not only links to the national curriculum but also reflects local expectations and aspirations?
  6. What evidence is there in our school of whānau and educators being open to learning from, and with, each other, in the true spirit of ‘ako’?

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