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Encouraging involvement in school activities as students get older

Te Mana Kōrero 3

  • Why is it suggested that family, whānau and iwi involvement in school activities be encouraged more as students get older? What are the barriers to this? How might they be overcome?

[Note Kerikeri High School parent’s comment, “Many parents think that older students are more independent and can take care of their learning needs. But the reverse happens as kids have to cope with many social issues during adolescence and need whānau involvement more at that time.”

Note also Kerikeri High School teachers’ comment that getting whānau of older students involved in curriculum learning can be accomplished with encouragement: “Some parents will take a day off work to come on our year 7 science trip.”

Note student’s comment, “I reckon it’s really important for parents to get involved with school work we’ve been doing so that we can talk about it at home and at school as well.”]

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