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  1. Filed under: Ako | Effective leaders | Effective teachers

    In this story the Principal, two Te Kotahitanga facilitators and a teacher, discuss how Te Kotahitanga has impacted on their school.

  2. Filed under: Effective leaders | Effective teachers

    In these five interview clips Professor Russell Bishop, Te Kotahitanga school students, and Te Kotahitanga kaumatua reflect on their experiences in Te Kotahitanga.

  3. Filed under: Effective leaders

    In these clips from the 2010 Te Kotahitanga conference, the principals of Kerikeri High School, Massey High School, and Rotorua Girl's High School share their Te Kotahitanga journey, its impact on student learning, on teacher practice, on the school and community.

  4. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture

    Adrienne Alton-Lee (phd) Chief Education Advisor, Best Evidence Synthesis Programme, Ministry of Education delivers a keynote presentation for the 2008 Te Kotahitanga conference.

  5. Filed under: Research & evaluation

    In 2007, Victoria University was contracted by the Ministry to produce an external evaluation of the effectiveness of Te Kotahitanga. It is the first external evaluation of Te Kotahitanga.

  6. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Effective leaders

    This is a success story from Te Kopuru School, a small rural school in Northland. The story describes how, under the leadership of the principal, the community responded to a call for change to improve Māori student outcomes, in light of 65% of the student population being Māori.

  7. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Identity Language and Culture | Te Reo Maori | Effective leaders

    This story from Rotorua Boys’ High emphasises the inseparable nature of reo and tikanga (language and culture), an integral part of the school’s programme.

  8. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Research & evaluation | Effective leaders

    The extent to which schools engage with everyone in their community, not just those already involved and engaged, is the focus of this study by the Education Review Office (ERO).

  9. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Research & evaluation | Effective leaders

    This report complements another report entitled Partners in Learning: schools’ engagement with parents, whānau and communities.

  10. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture

    This 25-year strategy (2003) provides a framework to bring together Māori language initiatives. Its aim is to coordinate and prioritise government action towards Māori language revitalisation and to have te reo Māori widely spoken by Māori within whānau, homes and communities by 2028.

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