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Te Kauhua: Attendance

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Clayton Smith – Henderson Intermediate

When we brought up attendance at the hui, most of the kids with good attendance had their parents sitting there. They wanted to address the attendance of kids who weren't turning up that weren't necessarily their own kids. They offered to ring instead of the school. They offered to go around to their houses. A parent said, “The school was running PPP buddy reading system – why can't we do the same thing with an attendance system? Could we possibly get a Māori student to buddy up with a poor-attending student? Get them to meet for 5 minutes in the morning, get them to talk about how they came to school – Was everything fine? Are you going to be able to come to school tomorrow?”.

Marion Shand – Te Kauhua Facilitator

And if you’re buddy wasn't here, they’d come to our office, and they’d phone and say, “Hey, where are you?”.

Clayton Smith

The kids that we couldn't get to school, the kids that no one else could get to school, came to school.

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