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Te Kauhua: Distributed leadership

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To drive change down to classroom level, a team of four facilitators implemented a school-wide programme of action research.

Anne Brokenshire – Principal, Hillmorton High School

I think that the lessons that we have learned by having that team of people has been really huge. Progress is slow sometimes, because you have got to get agreement on what is going to happen. So one of the most important things strategically that we did was we made absolutely sure that those people met once a week. So they all had time to do that. The second thing that I think was strategic was that there were two woman, two men, different positions within the school, two Māori, two Pakeha.

Kylie Coulbeck – Te Kauhua Facilitator

Yeah, a real chance to sort of work together. And it made, certainly, the leading of professional development within the school much easier. And because we had such a supportive environment.

Ann Brokenshire

But at some stage, if you’re changing hearts and minds, that that practice is not just going to disappear after a year, while people feel as though they are being watched. It’s got to be real, they have got to believe in it, and they have actually got to be comfortable with it. And that is quite a big ask for some people that have been teaching for maybe 20 or 25 years in a certain way, and until reasonably recently have been successful.

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