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Te Mana Kōrero: The risks

Filed under: Productive partnerships | Effective leaders

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Keriana Tawhiwhirangi – Director, Principals’ Development Association

The risks are is that you don’t keep the ongoing dialogue, and reviewing of how that relationship is going. And there is a danger sometimes, when things become so comfortable, a huge complacency sets in. And when that sets in, both sides kind of forget where the line is drawn, and often a few liberties can be taken both ways.

Wally Penetito – Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington

When people associate with an individual, and they’re quite content to have that individual as the person to consult with, they’re in trouble. Quite clearly, no one person can represent a community.

Keriana Tawhiwhirangi and Wally Penetito reflect on the risks inherent in failing to maintain productive partnerships with whānau. (Extract from ‘Te ManaKōrero: Relationships for Learning’, 2007).

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