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Effective leaders

“pedagogically focused leadership has a substantial impact on student outcome”

School Leadership and Student Outcomes: Identifying What Works and Why. Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration [BES]. Ministry of Education. November 2009

Leadership is the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.

Governance relates to decisions that define expectations, grant power, or verify performance. It consists of a separate process or of a specific part leadership processes.

The resources you will find on this page reflect the effective leadership and governance that support Māori learners to achieve education success as Māori.

  1. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Research & evaluation | Effective leaders

    The Secondary Futures website features a number of articles from Mason Drurie on that address leadership and indigenous education. In addition to historical overviews Mason also looks towards the future, focusing on educational initiatives for Māori.

  2. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Effective leaders

    In this story Noema Williams, Principal, discusses building on a whānau/marae model in the kura.

  3. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Identity Language and Culture | Effective leaders

    This Māori-medium resource provides a model of the key leadership roles and practices that supports high-quality educational outcomes for Māori learners. It is also available in English.

  4. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Ako | Effective leaders

    Tātaiako: Cultural Competencies for Teachers of Māori Learners has been developed by the Ministry of Education, along with the New Zealand Teachers Council and a Reference Group of academics, teacher education practitioners, and iwi representatives involved in iwi educational initiatives. It drew on research, existing frameworks, discussions with some iwi, and the experience of the Reference Group.

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    This presentation on using data was given by Chris Day, Manager, Education, Curriculum and Performance, Ministry of Education - Central North Region at the Kakano hui August 2010.

  6. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Effective leaders

    Jan Tinetti from Merivale School and Sue Horne from Maungatapu School discuss how they are using both The New Zealand Curriculum document and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa in their schools.

  7. Filed under: Effective leaders

    In this clip the Principal and a Te Kotahitanga Facilitator at Te Puke High School discuss data sharing and analysis.

  8. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Effective leaders

    Sir Sidney and Lady June Mead were recently interviewed for their views on the He Kākano programme.

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    The website for He Kākano provides resources, videos, communiqués, and upcoming events for He Kākano. He Kākano is a programme supporting school leaders to become relational and pedagogical leaders with the capability that will enable schools and teachers to build educational success for and with Māori learners.

  10. Filed under: Ako | Effective leaders | Effective teachers

    In this story Ngaruawahia High School students, teachers, the principal, senior leaders and Te Kotahitanga facilitators discuss students’ NCEA results.

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