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Rangiātea: Opotiki College

We must show our children that we love them, that we have high expectations and aspirations for them, that they can achieve anything that a young person anywhere else can achieve and that their learning is the most important thing in our lives because learning matters.


During the past five years, Opotiki College has increased Māori student achievement at all levels. The Opotiki College case study explores the factors and initiatives that helped significantly improve achievement levels for Māori students.

View the case study on the Educational Leaders website or download the pdf below.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. How does your school’s data collection support your strategies for Māori student success? To what extent is this a challenge at your school? What can you do to address it?
  2. How can your school better direct its use of resources to identify and address the teaching and learning issues it faces?
  3. In what ways could your school strengthen its board of trustees support and the home-school relationships to address the need to achieve better retention and engagement of Māori students?

Rangiatea Opotiki College Case Study (317 KB)

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