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Rangiātea: Hamilton Girls’ High School

Teachers look for advice and support to build relationships with their Māori students, to learn more about their lives.


In the past six years at Hamilton Girls’ High School, the principal and senior leadership/management team have promoted a community approach to accelerating academic and social learning so students achieve their potential despite any challenges. In its latest report (2010), the Education Review Office identified seven areas of strength: governance; leadership; reflective practice; engaging students; school culture; teaching and learning; and success for Māori. The Hamilton Girls’ High School case study explores the approaches that a principal and her leadership team took to maintain and continue to build on high levels of achievement for Māori students.

View the case study on the Educational Leaders website or download the pdf below.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. How does your school teach te reo Māori?
  2. How comfortable do your staff feel using te reo Māori?
  3. How could whānau and iwi support the school to learn and use te reo Māori?

Rangiatea Hamilton Girls_\' High School Case Study (292 KB)

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