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Rangiātea: Kakapo College

The school has had a longstanding focus on supporting Māori students to achieve, but more recently with the new curriculum, the developments have been in pedagogy rather than pastoral care.


The Kakapo College case study explores the approaches that a principal and her leadership team took to maintain and continue to build on high levels of achievement for Māori students, harnessing commitment within the school and from the Māori community. A range of systems and processes to increase achievement by students, including Māori students, have been introduced over a number of years, and the current, first-time principal and her team have kept this momentum going.

View the case study on the Educational Leaders website or download the pdf below.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. How do your Boart of Trustees and leadership team articulate their commitment to Māori students’ achievement to whānau?
  2. What are whānau perceptions of your school’s commitment Māori students’ achievement?
  3. What data do you share with whānau? What data are they interested in?
  4. How do you elicit suggestions/action from whānau?

Rangiatea Kakapo College Case Study (272 KB)

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