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Rangiātea: Hastings Boys’ High School

Let’s not make any excuses and let’s find as many strategies and processes and things to make it work. Really, it’s just a non-deficit thinking model.


The Hastings Boys’ High School case study focuses on a small selection of school systems, processes and programmes that support educational achievement including: student transitions at Year 9; student attendance; pastoral and careers education (PACE); monitoring of student achievement through the student information management system (KAMAR) and common assessment tasks (CATS); supporting students to complete assessments (On Track); and the articulation, promotion and acknowledgement of achievement (Junior Graduation Programme).

 View the case study on the Educational Leaders website or download the pdf below.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. How does your leadership team articulate their commitment to the improvement of Māori students’ achievement?
  2. How do your teachers?
  3. What are your students’ perceptions of your school’s commitment Māori students’ achievement?
  4. What are whānau perceptions?

Rangiatea Hastings Boys_\' High School Case Study (383 KB)

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