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Effective teachers

Effective teaching practice is the art or profession of teaching, meaning that teachers learn their subject and also the pedagogy, or best or most appropriate means for teaching that subject.

The resources you will find on this page examine examples of best teaching practice for Māori learners.

  1. Filed under: ako | effective teachers

    The Analysis and Use of Student Achievement Data Project (AUSAD) used at Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ngā Tapuwae, is about Māori educators developing programmes that are going to work successfully for Māori learners. 

  2. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Ako | Effective teachers

    Living Heritage is an online bilingual initiative that enables New Zealand schools to develop and publish an online resource, based on a heritage treasure in their community.

  3. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Identity Language and Culture | Ako | Effective teachers

    The science online website presents resources to support scientific knowledge and Māori knowledge about mussel biology.

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    The success of teaching and learning is founded on the quality of the relationship built between the teacher and the student.

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    Curriculum Updates support school leaders and teachers as they work to design and review their school curriculum, in line with the New Zealand Curriculum and with current knowledge and understandings about effective classroom teaching.

  6. Kia Mau 24/11/2011

    Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Ako | Effective teachers

    Kia Mau is a multimedia resource focusing on two waiata and two haka that have an association with the Māori Battalion. Kia Mau explores a number of themes associated with social sciences – including customs and traditions, social justice, leadership, bereavement, and spirituality.

  7. Ako Panuku 24/11/2011

    Filed under: Ako | Te Reo Maori | Effective teachers

    Ako Panuku is a professional development suite supporting Māori secondary school and wharekura teachers with particular emphasis on te reo Māori teachers.

  8. Filed under: Ako | Research & evaluation | Effective teachers

    QTR&D was an exploratory project founded on the beliefs that all young people can succeed at school and that one of the keys to enabling students to achieve their potential is effective classroom teaching.

    Seven of the reports developed through QTR&D have been adapted as learning stories; these are included in this set of materials as springboards for thinking about the Teaching as Inquiry cycle, effective pedagogy, and cultural responsiveness and how they might connect to your own practice.

  9. Filed under: Ako | Effective Teachers

    Jane, a Year 9 English teacher, talks about how she has encouraged her Year 9 class to take ownership of their learning. Jane's story is a great example of how changing the way your class is run can have a dramatic effect on both the students and the teacher.

  10. Filed under: Ako | Effective leaders | Effective teachers

    In this story Ngaruawahia High School students, teachers, the principal, senior leaders and Te Kotahitanga facilitators discuss students’ NCEA results.

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