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Shared learning relationships - Jane's Story

"...research shows that student engagement and achievement improves when teachers develop positive teaching and learning relationships with Maori students..."

Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success: The Maori Education Strategy 2008-2012, page 23.

Jane's story is a great example of how changing the way your class is run can have a dramatic effect on both the students and the teacher. Jane, a Year 9 English teacher, talks about how she has encouraged her Year 9 class to take ownership of their learning.

Through the shared learning relationships students learnt to contribute to their own learning and the learning of others. They built a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities teachers and learners and how to work effectively as a group.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. What, in this story, was new to you? What aspects of the story did you find interesting/surprising?
  2. In what ways do you promote and value students’ strengths within your lessons?

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