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Curriculum Update 7: Te Kotahitanga

Curriculum Updates support school leaders and teachers as they work to design and review their school curriculum, in line with the New Zealand Curriculum and with current knowledge and understandings about effective classroom teaching.

This Update focuses on findings from Te Kotahitanga and highlights how this programme is producing positive gains for Māori students by influencing leadership, teaching, and learning in participating schools. Te Kotahitanga is one of a number of Ministry of Education initiatives to support schools to raise Māori student achievement. Its findings may well match your current practice and stimulate new thinking in your school.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. What are Māori students experiencing in your classroom?
  2. How do you know?
  3. How well are Māori students achieving in your school compared with other students?
  4. How well are they achieving in your class?

NZC Update 07_Research into practise (1 MB)

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