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Research & evaluation

The resources you will find on this page provide reports detailing the research and evaluation of Māori learners' educational success, and Ministry of Education initiatives implemented to improve the teaching and learning of Māori learners in English-medium education.

These reports come from the Ministry of Education, Education Counts, the Education Review Office, and other research areas.

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    This article by Juliette Hayes and Amy Clode in the Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice, introduces an approach where school personnel listen to Māori students with the purpose of learning about their experiences at school.

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    This article by Jennifer Martin, in Te Kaharoa, 5, 2012 (p. 109-118), attempts to define and illustrate measures of educational success from a Māori perspective. 

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    In this article, in the September 2012 edition of The New Zealand Principal, Liz Hawes talks to the principal of Te Akau ki Papamoa School about factors that have led to raising Māori students’ achievement. 

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    This special edition of set focuses on Te Māori i ngā Ara Rapu Mātauranga—Māori Education. 

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    In this case study, Newlands College deputy principal John Murdoch reflects on his school’s experience in setting up a whānau advisory group. The group began in response to data showing the college’s year 9 Māori students were struggling.

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    This case study explores how Te Kopuru School’s principal Lee Anderson has spent the past 8 years changing the culture of her small Northland school to improve the education, social, and cultural outcomes of the school’s Māori learners.

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    This case study (available in te reo Māori and English) looks at how two early childhood education services in the Waikato region are supporting vulnerable whānau to develop their knowledge and skills and get hooked into the education system early.

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    This report on Priority Learners in New Zealand Schools, is the second in the Education Review Office's Evaluation at a Glance series. It is a synthesis of material from 15 national evaluations and reports of good practice published in the last four years that, taken together, reveal three key issues facing New Zealand’s education system.

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    The Ministry of Education and education sector agencies are working together to lead the development of the next phase Ka Hikitia – Accelerating for Success 2013-2017. An engagement document called Me Kōrero – Let’s Talk! and some questionnaires have been developed to help seek ideas and feedback from external partners.

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    Five case studies were presented from schools/kura where Ako Panuku has had a direct impact on the schools’ policies and practices.

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