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Ako Panuku: ERO Review - Case studies

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In 2011, the Ministry asked the Education Review Office (ERO) to carry out an evaluation of the current design and implementation of the Ako Panuku programme, outcomes and impacts for Māori teachers and schools, and the strengths and weaknesses of this provision.

ERO conducted a national online survey for all teachers involved in Ako Panuku and visited 11 mainstream schools and two kura Māori. ERO spoke to teachers who were Māori and to school leaders, and observed classes taught by teachers who had participated in Ako Panuku.

Five case studies were presented from schools/kura where Ako Panuku has had a direct impact on the schools’ policies and practices. In each of these schools/kura an enthusiastic and capable Māori teacher has participated in the programme, shared her experiences with her colleagues and encouraged their participation. Consequently, a sizeable group of Māori teachers have been empowered by a supportive school leadership team to contribute to positive change for Māori students at each of the schools.

To read these examples of how Māori teachers have supported their school/kura staff to raise Māori learner achievement in the full evaluation report on the ERO website.

ERO Ako Panuku Evaluation case studies (18 KB)

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