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Te Kotahitanga Changes Conference 2010

Te Kotahitanga is a research and professional development programme that:

  • supports teachers to improve Māori students' learning and achievement, enabling teachers to create a culturally responsive context for learning which is responsive to evidence of student performance and understandings.
  • enables school leaders, and the wider school community, to focus on changing school structures and organisations to more effectively support teachers in this endeavour.

Since 2008 Te Kotahitanga has provided a biennial conference for everyone who is interested in exploring the project further.

The 2010 Te Kotahitanga Changes Conference attended by more than 200 Principals, teaching staff and whānau from both Te Kotahitanga and non-Te Kotahitanga schools. The conference which was held over two days had a total of 35 workshops that focused on schools’ journeys in the Te Kotahtianga project. It allowed schools and their communities the opportunity to critically reflect on their experiences in the project, share their learning and celebrate each others’ successes.

The Te Kotahitanga website provides videos of the keynote address, presentations, and workshops from this conference.

Keynote address – Dr Mere Berryman: Transforming the identities of Māori students in New Zealand's schools: Where we have been, what we have learned and what the future can hold.

Presentation - Professor James Ludwig: The impact of teacher practice on student outcomes in Te Kotahitanga.

Principals’ Panel: The principals of Kerikeri High School, Massey High School, and Rotorua Girl's High School share their Te Kotahitanga journey, its impact on student learning, on teacher practice, on the school and community.

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