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Te Kotahitanga – Te Puke High School

In this clip the Principal and a Te Kotahitanga Facilitator at Te Puke High School discuss how sharing and analysis of data is used to inform planning. Senior staff discuss using the Te Kotahitanga GPILSEO framework as a vehicle to spread and sustain Te Kotahitanga throughout all aspects of the school.

GPILSEO (G - goal; P - pedagogy; I - institutions; L - leadership; S - spread; E - evidence; O - ownership) is an acronym to describe the key elements of a 'reform initiative' (Bishop, O'Sullivan & Berryman. 2010). It is the framework that schools use to support the development and sustainability of Te Kotahitanga.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. What initiatives is your school involved with?
  2. How do these initiatives complement each other in your school? How do they compete?
  3. How can you better ensure the initiatives your school uses support the same vision and philosophy for Maori student success?

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