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  • [X]Identity, language and culture

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  • [X]Identity, language and culture


  1. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Identity Language and Culture | Ako | Research & evaluation | Effective leaders

    In this sabbatical leave report from Bruce Pagan, Principal, Kaikoura Primary School; Bruce investigates the effects/benefits that the pursuit of culturally significant events can have on Māori student achievement, with particular reference to those families/students that engage regularly in hui, muttonbirding, and carving.

  2. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Research & evaluation | Effective Leaders

    This article published in the AUSTR ALIAN JOURNAL of INDIGENOUS EDUCATION, (volume 36, 2007), offers another framework for creating a Māori perspective on classroom practices.

  3. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Research & evaluation | Effective leaders

    The Secondary Futures website features a number of articles from Mason Drurie on that address leadership and indigenous education. In addition to historical overviews Mason also looks towards the future, focusing on educational initiatives for Māori.

  4. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture

    Adrienne Alton-Lee (phd) Chief Education Advisor, Best Evidence Synthesis Programme, Ministry of Education delivers a keynote presentation for the 2008 Te Kotahitanga conference.

  5. Filed under: Research & evaluation

    In 2007, Victoria University was contracted by the Ministry to produce an external evaluation of the effectiveness of Te Kotahitanga. It is the first external evaluation of Te Kotahitanga.

  6. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture

    This 25-year strategy (2003) provides a framework to bring together Māori language initiatives. Its aim is to coordinate and prioritise government action towards Māori language revitalisation and to have te reo Māori widely spoken by Māori within whānau, homes and communities by 2028.

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