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The Evaluation of Te Kotahitanga: 2004-2008, Victoria University Wellington (2009)

The Victoria University evaluation examined data from 22 Te Kotahitanga schools from 2004 – 2008, and is the first external evaluation of the programme.

Te Kotahitanga is an important part of the goal to raise the educational achievement among Māori students. Along with improving results, it works with teachers to create culturally responsive learning environments. Te Kotahitanga recognises the importance of culture for learning, and helps teachers to improve practices, expectations and beliefs about Māori students.

The evaluation of the professional development programme, Te Kotahitanga, shows it improves motivation and teaching for Maori students. It also highlights increased job satisfaction and motivation among teachers, which is extremely positive. Teachers, principals, board chairs, parents and facilitators were overwhelmingly positive about the design of Te Kotahitanga. The report found that teachers had improved their classroom teaching and learning for Māori students. It also reported improvements in attendance, participation, motivation, and engagement.

Both the full technical report and a summary report are available on the Education Counts website.

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