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Te Kotahitanga

Te Kotahitanga.

Te Kotahitanga is an evidence-based professional development programme that has an explicit focus on raising Māori achievement. Based on Kaupapa Māori theory Te Kotahitanga supports ways that teachers in English-medium classrooms can authentically affirm Māori identity to improve outcomes for Māori learners.

Research shows that students live up to, or down to, expectations, and that many of our teachers subconsciously expect less of Māori. The focus of Te Kotahitanga is on changing teacher practices, expectations and beliefs about Māori learners from deficit-based to strengths-based.

Te Kotahitanga has two system-wide outcomes and two school-level outcomes:

System outcomes

i) To raise the participation, engagement and achievement of Māori students and increase their attainment of worthwhile qualifications.

ii) To raise wider system capability so that school leaders, teachers and their communities understand and establish culturally responsive learning contexts.

School outcomes

i) To support teachers to improve Māori student learning and achievement by creating a culturally responsive context for learning based on student evidence.

ii) To enable school leaders, and the wider school community to establish school structures and organisations that support teachers in this endeavour.

  1. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture

    Adrienne Alton-Lee (phd) Chief Education Advisor, Best Evidence Synthesis Programme, Ministry of Education delivers a keynote presentation for the 2008 Te Kotahitanga conference.

  2. Filed under: Research & evaluation

    In 2007, Victoria University was contracted by the Ministry to produce an external evaluation of the effectiveness of Te Kotahitanga. It is the first external evaluation of Te Kotahitanga.

  3. Te Kotahitanga 27/06/2011

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    The website for Te Kotahitanga, a research and professional development programme that supports teachers to improve Māori students' learning and achievement. Enables school leaders and the school community to more effectively support teachers.

  4. Filed under: Ako | Effective teachers

    This clip emphasises the powerful notion of teacher self-efficacy; that is, teachers believing they can make a difference and believing that they have the freedom to take action.

  5. Filed under: Ako | Effective teachers

    This video clip illustrates the importance of teachers involving students, so that they feel a part of the learning process.

  6. Filed under: Ako | Effective teachers

    This clip illustrates the courage of a teacher to be open to doing things differently.

  7. Filed under: Ako | Effective teachers

    This clip focuses on the concept of ako, which is based on the premise that we can each learn from the other.

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