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research and evaluation

  1. Filed under: Effective leaders

    In this sabbatical report Michael McMenamin, Headmaster New Plymouth Boys' High School, seeks to investigate, by talking with Māori students (and other participants in their education), how a better understanding of Māori students’ experiences in the classroom and analyses of these experiences might lead to improved policy and teaching and learning that would ultimately result in greater Māori student achievement. 

  2. Filed under: effective leaders

    This report attempts to answer the question, “How might medium to high decile schools with a low percentage of Māori and Pasifika students successfully engage family and whānau in their children’s learning to help raise student achievement?”  

  3. Filed under: identity language and culture | effective leaders

    In this report Elizabeth Harrison, Principal, Ramanui School, Hawera reviewed what is “happening” in other schools out of her immediate area where there are significant numbers of Māori on the roll.

  4. Filed under: Effective leaders

    In this sabbatical report, Vanessa Pitt, Principal, Ruahine School, Dannevirke, investigates the actions, activities and conditions of school leaders that contribute to effective Māori student achievement and/or improvements in Māori student achievement; and in Māori students achieving success, as Māori.

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