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Pamela King, Kauri Park School: Sabbatical report

Schools are continually trying to improve the ways they engage students in their own learning and also parents and whānau in that learning.  This is a challenge that schools face every day and the professional learning undertaken during this sabbatical will hopefully identify ways Kauri Park School can overcome some of those challenges.

This report is not intended to be an academic report.  It is simply a record of reading undertaken and reflections of those readings as well as reporting of information gathered from schools and parents from Kauri Park School.  

This report attempts to answer the question, “How might medium to high decile schools with a low percentage of Māori and Pasifika students successfully engage family and whānau in their children’s learning to help raise student achievement?” 

Pam King Sabbatical Report 2012 (473 KB)

Filed under: effective leaders

Tags: research and evaluation

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