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  1. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Identity Language and Culture | Ako

    Living Heritage is an online bilingual initiative that enables New Zealand schools to develop and publish an online resource, based on a heritage treasure in their community.

  2. Filed under: identity language and culture | Ako

    Tangatawhenua.com the website for Maori news and indigenous views has articles, photos, and results from Te Matatini 2013 Kapa Haka National Championship.

  3. Filed under: effective leaders | effective teachers

    Visit the Ako Panuku website to see the national online network of teachers/educators in secondary schools and engage in professional discussions about your experience as a teacher.

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    These online resources support the teaching and learning of the Treaty of Waitangi. 

  5. Filed under: research & evaluation

    This article by Jennifer Martin, in Te Kaharoa, 5, 2012 (p. 109-118), attempts to define and illustrate measures of educational success from a Māori perspective. 

  6. Filed under: effective teachers

    Angela Rihia-Tamaki discusses integrating key competencies in the bilingual unit. 

  7. Filed under: Identity language and culture | effective teachers

    This paper, presented at Third Annual New Zealand Science Education Symposium, Massey University, Wellington; November 2002, outlines three models for aligning Western science with other knowledge systems and promotes the view that dialogue about the issues raised is a necessary first step to achieving any change in relevant classroom practice.

  8. Filed under: identity language and culture | effective leaders

    In this report Elizabeth Harrison, Principal, Ramanui School, Hawera reviewed what is “happening” in other schools out of her immediate area where there are significant numbers of Māori on the roll.

  9. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Effective teachers

    John Hone Hikitia Te Rangi Waititi, a member of the 28th (Māori) Battalion passed away on Monday 25 June 2012, at the age of 91.

  10. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Statistics & results | Effective leaders

    Te Ao Mārama 2012 is a collection of statistics about Māori from a Māori perspective.

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