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Mātauranga Māori

Filed under: Identity Language and Culture

Tags: Te Mana Kōrero



Mason Durie – Deputy Vice Chancellor Māori, Massey University

There’s a body of knowledge called Mātauranga Māori, which is a type of indigenous knowledge. And I don’t think New Zealand really has realised the benefit of that body of knowledge in a number of areas, including education. So although we have adapted the educational process to include a number of Māori cultural celebrations, such as the pōwhiri, what we haven’t done sufficiently is to go a bit deeper than that and look at whether there are other ways in which we may use time and space; and develop relationships that are based on Māori knowledge. And how those ideas might then be infused into the education policy and practice so that New Zealand has the chance to develop an educational system that reflects the combination of educational theory and Mātauranga Māori.

Mason Durie speaks of that body of knowledge unique to Aotearoa that we are yet to fully appreciate and utilise within our educational system. (Extract from ‘Te Mana Kōrero: Relationships for Learning’, 2007).

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