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Te Kauhua: Student voice

Filed under: Productive partnerships | Ako | Effective teachers | Te Kauhua



Clayton Smith – Henderson Intermediate

The disparity between what our teachers were saying and what our students were saying was happening in the classroom was huge. Our teachers gave us a list with the ways that they were showing and giving feedback within their class. Our students weren't seeing it, so that was the first place we started.

Marion Shand – Te Kauhua Facilitator

When we fed that all back to staff, they decided to try and be more overt in their discussions and feedback with their students, and engage with whānau a little bit more.

Clayton Smith

Once the staff saw what the students were saying, it was up to them to go back to their classes and change what they were doing. We modified the exact same survey and we gave that to Māori whānau as well. And whānau were telling us that they were reliant on knowing about their child's progress from a 10 minute parent interview once a year, and discussions with their child. So we knew if the child couldn't explain and discuss with their parent where they were at in reading and writing at school, we knew that we needed to fix that area up in the classroom so that the students could go home and talk to their parents, accurately and confidently. And their parents would know, “Hey, this is what is going on, and this is where they are at at school”.

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