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Te Kauhua: Reporting to parents

Filed under: Productive partnerships | Te Kauhua



Clayton Smith – Henderson Intermediate

I remember one Dad standing up and saying, “I don't really care about the pyramids in Egypt and what they did there, and I don't want that in my report. I want to know about my daughter, how she is doing, how she behaves, how she acts”.

Marion Shand – Te Kauhua Facilitator

It’s not telling us what we want to know. So Clayton got all the current reports photocopied. We took it to the next hui, and they wrote all over it: “We don't like this, we do like that. We want more Te Reo in it. We want to know what our children are like as people. And then we want to know how they are doing academically. And we also want to know, are they going to be okay at high school?”.

Clayton Smith – Henderson Intermediate

“This report has helped place your child at high school; the high school still needs some information on your child, so we still have to add some other stuff on a separate page – are you okay with that?”. “Yes, we are okay with that, but we want this stuff added”.

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