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Te Kauhua: Mentoring

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The leadership of Te Kauhua at Henderson Intermediate is distributed using a mentoring process.

Marion Shand – Te Kauhua Facilitator

As part of Te Kauhua, we received some in-depth training, and we up-skilled in mentoring. And we found it so valuable, that we thought, “Well, we are expecting lead teachers to work with their syndicates but we haven't given them the skills to be able to lead, to ask the correct questions, and to analyse the discussion as they go along”.


Lead teachers in each syndicate were trained as mentors.

Marion Shand

It’s being able to reflect on what you've done. And for the mentor, it’s the ability to delve deeper by asking questions. And it has improved quite a lot of teacher practice because they are using the same process with their students.

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