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Te Kauhua: Action research

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Bruce Dale – Principal, Henderson Intermediate

Everyone wants to have success in different ways, but we encourage those different ways. We do have a culture. And the culture is to look at evidence, everybody being affirmed for what they do.

Clayton Smith – Henderson Intermediate

Our staff is into being provided with the evidence. If they can't do something before, you give them P.D. to up-skill in something.

Marion Shand – Te Kauhua Facilitator

Not only do they demand the evidence, they also say, “Okay now that we have got the evidence, let us try and fix it first”.

Clayton Smith

Every syndicate in the school - five syndicates – different action research. Then at the end of the term, the teams would have to present at staff meeting: “This was our issue, this is what we did, this is where we started, this is what happened”. And so not once did we ever say, “This is what you are doing”. We started on reading - provided the reading data for the syndicate, of the lead teacher. And then the lead teacher took the reading data back to their team. And then they discussed their data, and then they decided: “Hey, we are having a big issue with comprehension – we are going to do reciprocal reading in our syndicate, and we are going to cross group”. Another syndicate started PPP, brought in the Māori RTLB, trained up the older students to work with the younger students. They had a tuakana system going on there. That is how PPP started in the school.


Te Kauhua – Action research from Ministry of Education on Vimeo.

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