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Using Photo Booth in preparing to mihi.

This snapshot article from software for learning was contributed by Carla Uereta, an extension Te Ao Māori teacher at Firth Primary School, Matamata.

Carla wanted to support her students to develop their own mihi in a safe and supportive environment. She wanted the students to have multiple opportunities to practice and develop their mihi so that they could be confident at sharing with fluency and with a depth of understanding about the significance of this protocol. A limited time frame was available for this project so it was important that the technology was quick and easy to implement.

Photo Booth was one of the key tools selected to support this learning process as it was on all computers within the ICT suite, is easy to use and provides a high-quality video recording that can be saved in a variety of formats for use in other projects.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. How does your school teach te reo Māori?
  2. How could ICT make te reo Māori more engaging for students?
  3. How could ICT help to ensure that whānau and iwi have access to students’ work?
  4. How could ICT let you include whānau and iwi in te reo Māori teaching and learning ?

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