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Supporting school leaders to meet the challenge of equity

In this report Marion Fitchett discusses how the Ministry of Education examined the effectiveness of its initiatives to support leaders’ professional learning and confidence in implementing the Ka Hikitia strategy.

As well as outlining the areas identified and changed to include an explicit focus on developing culturally responsive leaders, this report also contains focus areas and suggested approaches to improve Māori student achievement.

Questions/Things to think about

  1. What areas of focus does your school need to work on in order to improve learning outcomes for Māori students in your school?
  2. What are your priorities from the areas suggested in the article that best meet your needs for the next three years?
  3. The articles also emphasises the need for professional learning for school leaders and for teachers. Identify the next steps that you and your teachers need to take in order to improve educational outcomes for Māori.

Supporting School Leaders to meet the Challenge of Equity (72 KB)

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