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Undertaking professional development on issues related to Māori students’ engagement and achievement

The essence of these clips is that school leaders and teachers need to participate in professional learning and development that is specifically designed to increase their understanding of issues associated with Māori student engagement and achievement, so that educators can lift their capability in this area and work more effectively with Māori students.

Findings in the Ministry’s initiative Te Kotahitanga suggest that focused and strategic professional learning and development has been effective in increasing Māori student engagement and raising achievement levels.

Moreover, research by Timperley, Wiseman and Fung (2003:11) indicates that, where teachers focus on student achievement data, there are improvements in learning. Moreover, teachers become more reflective practitioners as a result.

Questions / Things to think about / Activities

  1. What are some of the ways that our school engages in professional learning that is particularly targeted at enhancing Māori student achievement? What are some of the benefits of focused professional learning and development; for example, better teacher-student relationships; sharpened focus on reflective practice; greater student engagement; more student ownership of their learning?
  2. What professional learning and development could we participate in that would:
  • increase our understanding of Māori culture/practices/values
  • help us focus on Māori student learning
  • enable us to be more culturally responsive?

 3. Who can help us?

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