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Developing responsive and respectful relationships with Māori students

It is important for educators to develop culturally-responsive and mutually-respectful relationships with Māori students.

Literacy researchers (Raphael et al 2008:74) conclude that caring teachers can have a positive effect on student achievement and behaviour. One of the characteristics of effective literacy practice, indeed of effective teaching practice generally, is partnerships (Ministry of Education 2003). One of the most significant partnerships for student achievement is that between teacher and student.

John Hattie’s research (2002:13) on the attributes of expert teachers highlights the importance of teachers showing that they care, and being receptive to student needs.

An ERO study looking at good practice schools (2002:2) found that, in schools that supported Māori students, there were culturally-responsive and mutually-respectful relationships between teachers and students.

Questions / Things to think about / Activities

  1. How can we better implement the curriculum so that it is responsive and relevant to Māori?
  2. What are some key questions that we can ask ourselves about how to approach the delivery of the curriculum, so that Māori students can see themselves and their culture reflected in the subject matter/learning context? Can we adapt/change/tailor our programme so it works better for Māori students?
  3. How can we embody a Māori perspective in our work?

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