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Sylvia Park School's Inquiry Framework

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At Sylvia Park School, staff believe that Māori and Pacific student achievement is based on effective pedagogy and that effective pedagogy looks the same for any child. This story explores what these beliefs look like in practice.

We have an inquiry planning framework that we stick to, and we start with having an authentic question. We relate that to our curriculum needs, which we have which we are always reviewing and looking at, we relate it to our student needs, our community and the current issues - anything that’s current, that’s what we hook into, because we feel that’s going to be real and authentic to our students.

Glenis Hanline, Sylvia Park School

There are three stories in this series from the NZC Online curriculum stories series:

  1. Our inquiry framework
  2. Using language, symbols, and texts to explore art and identity
  3. Effective pedagogy for our Māori and Pasifika students

Questions / Things to think about

  1. How do you promote and value Māori students’ cultural experiences and current issues within your lessons?
  2. What evidence do you have that your Māori students believe their cultural experiences have a worthwhile place in your classroom?

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