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Te Mana Kōrero

Te Mana Kōrero is a series of three professional development packages and facilitated workshops.

These professional development packages draw on the evidence that show what is working for Māori students, from programmes such as Te Kotahitanga and Te Kauhua.

Each of these successful professional development programmes is based on important Māori concepts or principles:

  • ako – effective and reciprocal teaching and learning relationships where everyone is a learner and a teacher
  • manaakitanga – the care for students as culturally located people above all else
  • mana motuhake – the care by teachers for the academic success and performance of their students
  • whakawhanaungatanga – the nurturing of mutually respectful and collaborative relationships between all parties around student learning.

The content and video resources you will find on these pages are taken from Te Mana Kōrero Online, developed to help school leaders and teachers address and meet the goals of Ka Hikitia: Managing for Success: The Māori Education Strategy 2008–2012 (Ministry of Education, 2008-2009).

  1. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Effective leaders | Effective teachers

    Just as teacher-student partnerships need to be culturally responsive and mutually respectful, so do the partnerships between school, whānau and iwi.

  2. Filed under: Ako | Effective teachers

    One of the most significant partnerships for student achievement is that between teacher and student.

  3. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Ako | Effective teachers

    In light of the education system’s failure to address the needs of Māori students, educators need to learn how to engage those students more effectively, in all aspects of their learning.

  4. Filed under: Ako | Effective teachers

    The underlying premise of these clips is that educators need to have high expectations of Māori students.

  5. Filed under: Ako | Effective leaders | Effective teachers

    The essence of these clips is that school leaders and teachers need to participate in professional learning and development that is specifically designed to increase their understanding of issues associated with Māori student engagement and achievement, so that educators can lift their capability in this area and work more effectively with Māori students.

  6. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Identity Language and Culture | Ako | Effective teachers

    The video clips for Te Mana Kōrero focus on the need to build, and sustain, strong and effective school-whānau partnerships, in order to raise Māori student achievement. Such partnerships are characterised by both parties respecting and valuing each other's perspectives and contributions.

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