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Identity, language and culture

“Māori children and students are more likely to achieve when they see themselves, their whānau , hapū and iwi reflected in the teaching content and environment, and are able to be ‘Māori’ in all learning contexts.”

Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success: The Māori Education Strategy 2008-2012, page 20.

An education system incorporating identity, language, and culture values knowing where students come from and building on what students bring with them. The resources you will find on this page reflect the value of identity, language, and culture, and provide examples of this in the classroom and beyond.

  1. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Ako | Effective teachers

    Research shows that bringing cultural context into the curriculum affirms the students identity, and validates their cultural knowledge and knowledge of their whānau. (Extract from ‘Te ManaKōrero: Relationships for Learning’, 2007).

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    In light of the education system’s failure to address the needs of Māori students, educators need to learn how to engage those students more effectively, in all aspects of their learning.

  3. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Identity Language and Culture | Ako | Effective teachers

    The video clips for Te Mana Kōrero focus on the need to build, and sustain, strong and effective school-whānau partnerships, in order to raise Māori student achievement. Such partnerships are characterised by both parties respecting and valuing each other's perspectives and contributions.

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