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Tu Rangatira: Māori -medium Educational Leadership

Tu Rangatira: Māori-medium Educational Leadership has been developed through the collaboration with and sharing of insights from experienced principals, advisors, researchers and organisations who work in the Māori-medium education sector. The document provides a starting point for strengthening the capability of educational leadership.

Some of these practices can be seen as:

  • building staff capability in raising the standard of teaching and learning
  • providing high-quality teaching and learning programmes and contexts to maximise learning and success for learners
  • strengthening kura-wide capability in teaching and learning in te reo Māori
  • shaping and implementing kura-wide Māori pedagogical practices and evidence-based inquiry to meet learners’ needs and interests
  • reinforcing the regeneration of te reo Māori me ona tikanga
  • developing strong whanau and kura partnerships to achieve shared goals
  • knowing and valuing what students bring with them to produce better outcomes.

Questions / Things to think about

1. Can you identify leadership practices that you do well in your school?
2. Are there some practices that you can adopt from this document?
3. How can you apply some of these leadership practices in your school?

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