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The Arts in Collaboration through a Māori context

This case study outlines how Paihia School used a local legend as the foundation for their dance, drama, music, and the visual arts work.

It was decided that the learning should be based on a Māori context, to best meet the needs of the students at the school, since the majority of students are Māori and the area is steeped in significant Māori history. The idea of using a local legend lead to finding the story of Maikuku – an unwritten Ngati Rahiri legend of the area about the love of a man for the young Maikuku and his journey to seek her out.

After six-months of work on this legend the project culminated in a three-day arts intensive.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. What are the unique legends, waiata and geography that are important to your area?
  2. How does the school build on their importance to engage learners?
  3. Has the school and iwi come together to discuss these opportunities?
  4. What do your school whānau think about the school engaging with the local iwi? How can whānau support the school to engage with the iwi?

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Tags: Effective teaching

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