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Sabbatical Report: Leadership, Diversity, Culture and Change - Hoana Pearson, Principal, Newton Central School

This sabbatical report, by Hoana Pearson, Principal, Newton Central School, discusses how schools respond to their diverse communities in ways that realise the potential of students, share power and utilise the knowledge, experience, values, hopes, beliefs and solutions to benefit all. This paper gives particular reference to Maori, as the indigenous people of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Questions/Things to think about

In this paper Hoana discusses the recognised need to restructure systems and power relationships in order to positively impact on community capability building, autonomy, participation and engagement as well as student outcomes (Blackmore, 2006; Gunter, 2006; Morrison, Lumby, & Sood, 2006; Waitere-Ang, 2005).

  1. Does your school’s ideology, values, structures, and language use help or hinder the creation of equitable power relationships?
  2. From what standpoint are communities invited to participate and engage with the school?

 “Principals need to take risks, step out of their comfort zones and take on new knowledge and understandings to contribute to equitable outcomes.”p2

  1. In what ways can you ensure you step out of your comfort zone to acquire new knowledge?
  2. How can you support your staff to step out of their comfort zones?

Hoana Pearson Sabbatical Report 2007 (682 KB)

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