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Ruia tools – Appraisal

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The Ruia tools for principals and other school leaders have been designed to support better educational success for Māori students and provide in-depth resources in appraisal for learning and school-whānau partnerships.

The tools are contained in two linked websites and provide leaders with resources and practical strategies about teacher appraisal and establishing effective school-whānau partnerships.

The tools have been developed with schools, researchers and expert practitioners. They are built on evidence that shows when leaders and teachers engage in culturally responsive practices this has a significant effect on the extent to which Mâori learners set and achieve their goals and aspirations.

The Ruia tools, along with Rangiātea(exemplars and case studies) and He Kākano (a national professional development programme for English-medium secondary and area schools), are part of a suite of tools focused on raising Māori student achievement.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. What is your school data telling you about your schools’ areas of need?
  2. What is your community telling you?
  3. What are your priorities for teachers’ developmental needs?
  4. How will you ensure that that meeting these goals will contribute to achieving the goals for the school?

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