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Ngā Haeata Mātauranga: Annual report on Māori education.

Ngā Haeata Mātauranga is a series of annual reports that monitor the achievement of government’s key priorities for the education success of Māori learners.

The reports provide an annual overview of the research evidence, data and key education policies and programmes from early childhood to the tertiary sector. It includes initiatives specifically directed to Māori. Statistical analysis and case studies are also included.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. How does your school data compare to these national statistics?
  2. How is your school using the data it is collecting? Is your planning and teaching based on all the data collected or is it only used for reporting?
  3. How are you ensuring that whānau and iwi have access to your school’s data? Are whānau and iwi included in the decisions made based on your data?

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