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The National Library of New Zealand Haka Gallery

The National Library Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa have curated a selection of digitised primary sources for you to use in the classroom or library on the theme of Haka!


A photograph of a haka.

They have also created a set of tools to use in your library or classroom. These have been developed in conjunction with the schools programme for the Haka! exhibition at the National Library in Auckland and can be used with the Haka online gallery.

The National Library provides a number of services and support to schools, learners, and educators. 

Follow this link to find out about the services provided.

These images may link well with the Kia Mau resource on Te Kete Ipurangi. Kia Mau, is a resource that was originally designed for senior Māori-medium teachers. It focuses on two waiata and two haka that have an association with the Māori Battalion. You can now access the teachers’ notes in English and the DVD clips with English subtitles.

Header image: The Haka, by the New Zealand Tourist Department, 1933. Alexander Turnbull Library. Eph-B-MAORI-1933-01-04

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