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He Reo Kōmanawa: images to inspire teaching and learning te reo Māori.

He Reo Kōmanawa is selection of 123 digital images from the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa collection available through Digistore. Each image is accompanied by a description that provides such details as the artistic medium, the creator (if known), and the historical, political, cultural, and/or environmental context.

The images open up exciting opportunities for teaching Te Reo Māori in meaningful and culturally appropriate contexts. They offer a stimulus for speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing, and presenting information in te reo Māori about a wide range of topics relating to New Zealand life in the past and present.

For teachers’ convenience, the images are loosely grouped under subject categories. However, many of the images could be classified in two or more categories. Teachers will see many different ways of using the images to enhance their teaching programmes. By taking time to browse through the full collection, teachers will get an overall appreciation of its richness.

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