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Sir Sidney and Lady June Mead

He Kākano is supporting school leaders to become relational and pedagogical leaders with the capability that will enable schools and teachers to build educational success for and with Māori learners.

Sir Sidney and Lady June Mead were recently interviewed for their views on the He Kākano programme: why it is important; the challenges facing schools and the Māori community, and their advice for engaging with whānau, hapū and iwi.In these videos Sir Sidney and Lady June Mead, the He Kākano kaumātua, share their experiences and talk directly to school leadership teams.

There are three films in this series:

Questions / Things to think about / Activities

  1. Reflect on your education experience? What major changes have you seen?
  2. How have these changes affected students? Whanau?
  3. What changes do you think we need to see to ensure Maori student success?

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