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Running the gauntlet: A gifted Māori learner's journey through secondary school

In her paper presented at the Now is the Future Conference, Auckland, October 2000, Jill Bevan-Brown shares a number of stories illustrating what schooling is like for many gifted Māori learners.

Although this article relates to schooling before NCEA there is still be some good information and ideas to think about as you address gifted Maori students in your school.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. How does your school identify gifted students? How do you identify gifted Maori students? Is it the same? Should it be?
  2. What initiatives in your school support gifted Māori students?
  3. How has NCEA addressed some of the disadvantages Jill saw in the School Certificate system? Is there more that you can do to address these?
  4. In what ways can your school community contribute to identifying, supporting, and sustaining gifted Māori students at your school?

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