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Education in the Ngātiwai Rohe

The 'Iwi Working Towards Best Education Outcomes for their People' article, featured in the 2 April Education Gazette, outlines the Education in the Ngātiwai Rohe booklet developed by the Ngātiwai Trust Board. In 2011 Ngātiwai completed an environmental scan and iwi profile in the rohe, and developed a strategic education plan.

To conduct the environmental scan Ngātiwai used school feedback, ERO reports, Ministry of Education data, NZQA results, whānau and student feedback. The scan focused in on Ngātiwai students’ experiences in schools in the Ngātiwai rohe, how Ngātiwai students taught, provision for Ngātiwai student needs, and Ngātiwai contexts in the classroom.

The Ngātiwai Trust Board have now released a user-friendly booklet for whānau and schools to access detailing this snapshot of Ngātiwai students in education. The booklet presents what was done, what was found, what needs to happen now, and what Ngātiwai can do to help.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. Who are your local Iwi?
  2. Is your school involved with the Iwi? How are they thinking about education in the rohe?
  3. How does your school support the Iwi’s vision of education for students from their Iwi?
  4. How can the Iwi support the school?

Visit the Education Gazette website to read the article.

Education in the Ngātiwai Rohe is available from the Ngātiwai Iwi website.

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