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Aiming for Student Achievement: How Teachers Can Understand and Better Meet the Needs of Māori and Pacific Island Students

In this article Jan Hill and Kay Hawk examine the development of the AimHi project and research. The research explores the links between the world(s) of the student, the world(s) of home and the world(s) of school, and how the collision of these worlds can impact on student learning and achievement.

This article is part of a set entitled Research Information for Teachers published on the Educational Leaders website. View the article on the website or download the pdf below.

Questions / Things to think about

  1. How many worlds might students in your school come from?
  2. What advantages/opportunities/challenges can you see these different worlds might bring?
  3. How do teachers respond to these different worlds? How do students? How do parents?

Hill_Hawk_Student_Achievement (56 KB)

Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Research & evaluation | Effective teachers

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